Bomber Jacket Design Project

Did you know that art can be used to enhance self-worth, creativity, and social development?

The Hummingbird Initiative, in partnership with Zoe Jordan- a British fashion designer, held a three-day art competition in Kanjoo. The objective was for participants to create a design that would be embroidered onto the back of one of Zoe Jordan’s signature bomber jackets; the proceeds of the sales going back into the community.


When the competition was announced, there was a great buzz around the community who embraced the idea and the opportunity to freely express themselves through art.


The project was open to all ages and across the whole of the Kanjoo sub-location which meant that many travelled long distances to take part. There was a fantastic turn out, with some coming back every day to just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the resources available.

With schools closed, the headteacher allowed THI to use the classrooms to ensure hard surfaces on whichto draw, whilst adhering to the rules of social distancing. THI employed the school cook to provide a meal of maize and beans each day, including a cocoa drink to keep participants going. A great incentive for the community were the cash prizes to be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.


The level of talent and effort exceeded all expectations so, in the end, 4 commendations were also awarded for excellent drawings. Watch this space for the reveal of the winning design!


The Winner: Timothy Mutua, 22 years old
1st Runner up: Anthony Murithi, 15 years old
2nd Runner up: Chris Mugambi, 20 years old
Commendation: Prinsel Waridi, 10 years old
Commendation: Kelvin Kiambi, 17 years old
Commendation: Stephen Gikundi, 22 years old

It is important to note that the sex and ages of the contestants was unknown to Zoe Jordan and Winky (our Founder) as they looked through the entries. The reality on the ground is that society is still very male dominated, and although women and girls did attend, they were a small percentage compared to the boys and men. Therefore it is no surprise that the majority of the winners are male. Female empowerment is one aspect of THI’s work. Please see our “Future Plans” for more information on this.

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