Future Projects

At The Hummingbird Initiative we highlight potential projects through meetings and discussions with the different demographic groups found in a community. Our main priority is for projects to be sustainable and community led. We aim to find local solutions to local problems.

Future projects in Kanjoo:

An Assessment of Farming Practices
Objectives : To give farmers an option to increase their incomes by following the advice given as a result of the assessment.

The Provision of Sanitary Products for school-aged girls
Objectives: To increase attendance and prevent girls dropping out of school.

Micro-business Funding
Objectives: To help women start up viable businesses.

Allotment Scheme
Objectives: To combat poverty for those most in need. Providing access to nutrient rich land to grow food for personal consumption and a source of income.

Health Clinic and Primary Healthcare provision
Objectives: To work alongside the local government to help provide access to healthcare and family planning whilst ensuring maximum public benefit.