“The classroom is nothing without children in it and teachers to teach them.”

Welcome to The Hummingbird Initiative – an organisation focused on helping to advance the standard of living for rural communities in developing countries.

Our mission is to empower communities to overcome poverty by focussing on improving education and raising living standards simultaneously, to create greater opportunities for all.

Our latest project in Kanjoo, Kenya has made a difference to over 7.6k people!

Projects focusing on Education, Economy, Basic Amenities & Healthcare

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”The Hummingbird has given us better lockers and improved seating arrangements. They have created a better learning environment that has made education enjoyable."

Milca Kanana
Grade 7 Pupil at Makutano School

“The new classroom meant that the Government granted Junior Secondary status to our local school, providing my daughter with improved learning conditions close to home"

Pius Musyoki
Father of Jedida Precious - Grade 7