About Kanjoo

At present, we are working with the community of Kanjoo, a sub-location of the Meru District in North East Kenya. It borders the Meru National Park and contains 15 villages housing 7,615 inhabitants (2019 census). Kanjoo is a poor and marginalised community with the majority of families living below the Kenyan National Poverty line, which is defined as less than $1.90 per day.

The community at Kanjoo was formed when people were forced to migrate from congested, more developed settlements. It was an unsafe, undesirable area due to the lack of accessibility and amenities; no roads, no clean water, no schools, no electricity and no access to healthcare or hospitals. However, over time people from many different areas and tribes were forced to settle here.

The Problem

Without simultaneously addressing the interconnected issues of infrastructure, economic empowerment, healthcare and access to basic amenities, educational development will be restricted.

Villages Helped

Improving education & basic living standards.

In order to ensure that the challenges of the whole sub-location are being addressed, we must evenly spread our input across all schools and villages to ensure that education and living standards are being improved throughout the area.

For example, if only one school is developed but the others are not, pupils will move from their present schools to the one with improved infrastructure and resources. That school will then become overpopulated and the school will once again struggle to deliver a good education.

Our aim is to make sure that each village and each school receives an equal input and similar advancements to improve education, health, living standards and incomes.

The Solution

By tackling these external challenges alongside educational development, we will ensure that our efforts in improving education and the quality of life are sustainable, creating a ripple effect in community development and leading to long-term poverty alleviation.

Sustainable Educational Development

These elements form the foundation for long-term poverty alleviation with education at the core.



Access to Basic Amenities

Economic Empowerment