Plan of Action

To equip schools in the area with proper infrastructure, resources, and reliable water supplies thus enhancing access to education.
To provide the community with clean water for domestic and agricultural use, increasing opportunities for income-generating activities and education.
To establish a fully functional health clinic, providing essential primary healthcare and family planning.
To empower families through economic education, creating opportunities to improve financial well-being.
To replace furrows with efficient water sprinkler systems to conserve water and extend water availability for all.

After successfully addressing these objectives within the Kanjoo area, our journey will continue on to another location. By applying the same “Hummingbird” methodology, we aim to achieve similar sustainable results, fuelled by our grand vision to continuously foster exponential growth, improve education and alleviate poverty in other areas.

Our Approach

We put the community first. We do not decide what we think that they need, we listen and work alongside communities to find local solutions to their problems. We take into account environmental factors and bring our own knowledge and experience to the conversations in order to make sure that projects can be sustained and maintained by the community.

Project proposals are submitted to us by local groups which are then discussed at length together in order to ascertain the level of impact, the sustainability and the feasibility of the project. The planning stage is by far the most important part of any project in order to ensure that the impact will be ongoing and that the maintenance is properly set up. It is imperative to us that the projects that we take on will create opportunities for education, economic growth, improved health and raise the standard of living for the inhabitants for years to come.

We require donations to execute everything to the best of our ability