Our Story

Pupils have benefited from educational development
of Kanjoo residents received emergency Covid supplies
farms now have a constant supply of water for irrigation
of inhabitants now have water piped to their homes

Our Story

In 1994, in the remote village of Kiminini, Kenya, Winky Skevington (Co-Founder and Trustee) immersed herself in teaching and living amongst the local community. This experience ignited a lifelong passion to improve education and living standards in rural Kenya, recognising their interconnectedness.

Will Travers OBE (Co-Founder and Advisor), a renowned wildlife expert and President of the Born Free Foundation (Founded by actors Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna OBE), shared Winky’s dedication to empowering and educating communities living alongside wildlife.

When Winky and Will connected, their shared passion for education and rural community development gave birth to The Hummingbird Initiative. For the past four years, Winky has actively established and managed the organization while raising her two energetic boys.

We require donations to execute everything to the best of our ability

Our Achievements So Far


Kanjoo School Science Lab constructed

Jan 2020

2000 Revision text books for Kanjoo Primary donated. 131 Desks and chairs for Kanjoo Secondary School provided

Feb 2020

Playground at Kanjoo Primary School delivered. Perimeter fencing for Kanjoo Primary School completed

Feb 2020

18 homes connected to water from funds raised by a collaboration with fashion designer Zoë Jordan

April 2020

Emergency Food Donation. Emergency Handwashing Project delivered.

July 2020

Emergency Food Donated.

Nov 2020

Water Piping to Kanjoo Primary & Secondary School completed

Jan 2021

Hand washing basins installed and WASH education delivered in Kanjoo School

March 2021

135,000 litre concrete water holding tank constructed for household connections and irrigation

Nov 2021

1,000 Textbooks for Pupils at Nac-Nkiri School provided

Jan 2022

Sports equipment donated to NAC-Nkiri Primary School.

Feb 2022

Maano Water Piping completed

March 2022

Classrooms constructed at Makutano & NAC-Nkiri Schools.

March 2022

Makutano & NAC-Nkiri School classroom constructed

August 2022

Classrooms constructed at Kalimikuu & Mwomwere Schools

Sep 2022

Sports equipments for pupils at Makutano, Mwomwere and Kalimikuu primary schools donated

Sep 2022

Reference books for pupils and teachers at Makutano, Mwomwere and Kalimikuu primary schools donated

Jan 2023

Tower with 2 x 10,000 litre water storage tanks constructed at Kalimikuu Borehole for access to water in the home

Jan 2023

Arts resources for NAC-Nkiri primary school donated

April 2023

NAC-Nkiri school fencing completed

June 2023

Makutano School 2nd classroom & staffroom constructed

July 2023

2 separate toilet blocks constructed at Nac-Nkiri School

August 2023

Feeding programme set up for 330 pupils at Mwomwere School.

Sep 2023

WASH education training provided for 12 staff members across 6 schools.

Sep 2023

Tyre play area constructed at Mbubune Primary School.