Teachers Wash Training

With that in mind, The Hummingbird Initiative funded a 3 day training of 12 teachers fromits partner schools. The training was conducted by public health officers. The following areas on WASH were covered; water safety, waterborne illness, sanitation, demos on tippy taps and VIP latrines, personal hygiene, hand-washing, menstrual health and school health clubs . To conclude it all an action plan for dissemination of the gained knowledge was formulated, where teachers were urged to collect baseline data to form the indicators for assessment of the project.

The 3-day training ended with a conclusion that to make a lasting change in behavior is rarely a simple process. It usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort, and emotion. Teachers were thankful of the great knowledge and skills acquired. Madam Fedha, one of the teachers joked to have become a public health officer, with inspection of meat being the only skill she did not have. Just like the hummingbird teachers pledged to do the best they can.